Teeth whitening

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About Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest, safest and most effective cosmetic treatments that you can do to improve your smile. 

At Leicestershire Dental Studio, our teeth whitening experts have years of experience in providing teeth whitening with the best results. 

Teeth whitening is one of the most minimally invasive treatments you can do in cosmetic dentistry, with a maximum aesthetic outcome!

“I was really impressed with my teeth whitening results with Dr Anish. I can’t believe how simple and straightforward everything was, and I only wish that I’d done it sooner! Everyone at the practice was a pleasure to deal with and made each visit extremely comfortable and smooth. Thanks again!” - Nick

How does it work?

At Leicestershire Dental Studio, we use medical grade teeth whitening gels which we prescribe for both at-home and in-chair use. 

The gels contain a special peroxide bleach which is specifically designed to whiten teeth. You’ll be provided with bespoke whitening trays just for your teeth, which have special reservoirs for the whitening gel. 

You can then proceed with your whitening treatment and make your smile shine. Most patients take just 2-3 weeks to get their best results!

What is the process of having teeth whitening?

Consultation and Assessment

At Leicestershire Dental Studio, we’ll start by seeing you for a detailed consultation where we’ll check your goals and concerns, and also assess the health of your teeth and gums. Our dentists will essentially ensure that you are suitable and ready for your whitening treatment! We’ll then take a 3D digital scan of your teeth and bite, so that we can construct your specialised bespoke whitening trays for you to use. The 3D printing process to create your trays usually takes about 10 working days. 

Instructions and guides

Once your trays are ready, we’ll see you to ensure they fit well, and have a tight seal, and we’ll also demonstrate how you should use your whitening gels. You’ll then be ready to go off fully equipped so you can complete your professional teeth whitening process from the comfort of your own home. 

Wrapping up

Once your whitening process has finished, we’ll then see you in-clinic for a teeth whitening review. We’ll be able to determine exactly how many shades whiter your teeth have gone, and if suitable we can then do the in-clinic whitening session to really finish things off (Enlighten only). You’ll then be all done and ready to show off those amazing pearly whites to the world and beyond!

Whitening Options

At Leicestershire Dental Studio, we stock a wide range of whitening options to choose from, including Enlighten Whitening, Boutique Whitening, and Pola-Whitening. We can help discuss the differences between the brands and gels, and help you decide which of them will be best for you.

Why Teeth Whitening at Leicestershire Dental Studio?

Free Comprehensive Consultation

Experienced Composite Bonding Clinicians

Our ethos of clinical excellence and precision dentistry

Individualised plan for you and your goals, not “one size fits all”

Fully digital smile design and planning

Interest free finance available


Additional Fees apply for Top-Up gels


Yes, teeth whitening is completely safe as long as the treatment is prescribed by and supervised by a dentist with appropriate experience. We will always ensure that your gums and teeth are healthy prior to approving any whitening treatments, and will ensure that your whitening trays and the gels are medical grade and bespoke to your teeth before you begin.

The sky is often the limit! Most people notice a significant shade improvement over a standard 2-3 week course of whitening, but if you have particularly stubborn teeth you can whiten for as long as necessary to get the results you want. Most of our patients will reach above a shade B1, which is the whitest natural shade, and we can also provide a B1 guarantee with Enlighten whitening (subject to consultation.)

Most people are suitable for whitening, as long as we have checked their oral health first to ensure that they have healthy teeth and gums. If you need any dental treatment, for example fillings or hygienist cleans then this needs to be completed and stabilised before your whitening. Some people and factors can suggest that the whitening process might take a little longer, however we will be able to identify these factors at the initial consultation and will be able to plan accordingly.

No, whitening will only work on natural tooth structure, i.e. enamel. Therefore if you have any fillings, crowns, bonding on your teeth, you have to be aware that these will not change shade. Our team at Leicestershire Dental Studio will always identify this and explain this to you at your consultation, so that you have options with regard to previously filled/treated teeth. In some cases you will need to consider options to replace old and discoloured fillings.

During the whitening process, it isn’t uncommon to experience some mild sensitivity of your teeth. This is often a sign that the tooth whitening process is working, and is absolutely temporary, completely reversing as soon as you stop using the gels. If you use too much gel in your tray, sometimes you can get some gum sensitivity, but this is often avoidable by carefully following our instructions.

Once you’ve finished your whitening treatment, the results will usually last for between 1-3 years, and this is dependent on patient factors including: smoking, diet, and tooth wear. The good news is it’s super easy to maintain your white smile long term, with a few days of top-ups every 6 months or so – once you’ve got your bespoke trays from us, we’ll be able to provide you with top-up gels for you to safely store and use whenever you need. Please note that we can only supply top up gels if you’ve had a dental examination within the last 6 months and your teeth/gums have remained healthy.