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Who is it for?

It is normal to feel a little nervous or anxious before dental treatment. However some people have more than just a feeling of nervousness before their dental appointment and have what we call a phobia of dentists. 

This can present in a way that means some peoples’ fear of dentists may be so crippling, they may delay or not seek treatment from their dentist. 

There are situations where we may use sedation for reasons other than treating patients with dental or needle phobias, this can include patients with severe gag reflexes or those who find it difficult to achieve local anaesthesia through normal dental injections.

sedation dentistry leicester
sedation dentistry leicester

What is sedation?

Sedation is a way to induce relaxation and reduce the stress that comes with dental treatment. With sedation the patient is still conscious and so it is very different to general anaesthetic where the patient is put to sleep.

Sedation is considered a safer approach to treating dental phobia and carries lesser risks. You will always need someone to accompany you for treatments under sedation. Here at Leicestershire Dental Studio, we offer two types of sedation

Inhalation Sedation

Also known as ‘laughing gas’. This is a common option and involves inhalation of nitrous oxide gas. It is a very safe and mild form of sedation, you are awake for your treatment, but you will be in a more relaxed state and you will remember very few details of your treatment

IV Sedation

This is where sedation medication is administered via a cannula to put you in a more relaxed state and although you are not fully asleep you are less conscious of your surroundings and you will have no memories of your treatment

How do I prepare for sedation?

Full dental comprehensive assessment

You will receive a full dental comprehensive assessment which will include clinical photographs and radiographs (x-rays) and we will outline any issues and treatment required. Your assessment will also include a detailed assessment of your medical and drug (medication) history. Your dentist will then decide what type of sedation best suits your needs.

Day of sedation appointment

On the day of your sedation appointment you will need a chaperone to take you to and from the appointment as you will not be able to drive. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing and follow the instructions given to you by your dentists prior to your sedation appointment with regards to eating, drinking, existing medications.

After sedation care

After your treatment you will likely feel a little drowsy, and so your chaperone will be given post operative instructions for you to take home. You will probably want to clear your schedule for the next 24 hours and avoid any strenuous activity, avoid operating heavy machinery and also avoid alcohol. We advise just going home, putting your feet up and relaxing for the rest of the day! After the procedure is finished, you will be able to continue with life as normal, and eat and drink as you usually would.

Do I really need sedation?

It is important that you try to find out what causes you such dental anxiety and work on alternate ways to manage this. 

Here at Leicestershire Dental Studio many of our dental phobic patients eventually realise that learning to trust their dentist and having a good dentist patient relationship is the best way to overcome their fear. 

That being said, sedation is a great tool if you are still working on your phobia towards dental treatment and for many people sedation can be a very valuable experience.

sedation dentistry leicester
sedation dentistry leicester

Dr Bhav Raithatha - Consultant Anaesthetist at Leicestershire Dental Studio

Dr Raithatha is a consultant anaesthetist who provides a variety of sedation methods to alleviate any worries whilst you are undergoing your Dental treatment.

He is a specialist in providing dental sedation. He prioritises your safety at all times and is fully qualified to keep you safe at all times.

He will look after you no matter how anxious you feel and ensure that you have the best care whilst you undergo your dental treatment.

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