Indirect Restorations In Leicester

Each Tooth Has It’s Own Story

What are indirect restorations - for example onlays?

An indirect restoration is any type of restoration bespokely made for your tooth by a specialist dental laboratory. Indirect restorations are usually indicated in scenarios where your natural tooth structure has become heavily damaged and broken down and will no longer support direct restorations or fillings. 

An indirect restoration will return your tooth back to its original size and shape allowing you to smile and eat with confidence again. Examples of indirect restorations include veneers, onlays and crowns.

indirect restoration dentistry leicester
indirect restoration dentistry leicester
indirect restoration dentistry leicester

All of the above images show the treatment of molar teeth with ceramic indirect onlays which have been bonded to the natural tooth structure. Please note the blue sheet is a rubber dam which is the gold standard process of isolation of the teeth and gums for the most sterile and predictable results.

indirect restoration dentistry leicester

Why might I need an indirect restoration?

Most commonly, your dentist may suggest an indirect restoration when your tooth is already heavily filled and cannot support another filling or if your tooth is greatly damaged by dental decay. 

In both scenarios, your natural tooth structure is extensively damaged, weakened and compromised and there is a high risk of the tooth breaking apart and fracturing further to the point it can no longer be repaired. 

An indirect restoration will help to restore your tooth back to its original shape and size but most importantly it will strengthen your tooth and prevent further damage.

What is the process of having an indirect restoration?

Indirect restoration confirmed

After your treatment with an indirect restoration has been confirmed, your dentist will be able to begin treatment. Your dentist will carefully and painlessly alter the shape of the tooth being treated and in doing so will remove any weakened or diseased parts, being sure to only leave a strong, healthy tooth behind.

3D Scan Performed

After your tooth has been reshaped, your dentist will use a 3D scanner to digitally capture an image of your mouth which is electronically sent to a specialist dental laboratory. This state-of-the-art technology prevents the need for any messy impressions and ensures the very best accuracy possible

Tooth restored to original shape

When you return for your second and final appointment your temporary restoration will be removed and the new indirect restoration will be bonded to your tooth. 

The procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia to ensure a comfortable and pain-free experience.

At Leicestershire Smile Studio we use the latest techniques and advancements in science in order to mimic nature and ensure the strongest bonds are created between the restoration and your tooth so that you can continue to smile and eat with confidence.

Indirect restorations are usually carried out over two separate visits as this gives the laboratory time to create your restoration.

In between appointments, your dentist will construct a handmade temporary restoration for your tooth so that you are able to continue smiling and eating without any worries between appointments.

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