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About ICON Treatment

ICON is a minimally invasive treatment designed to improve the appearance of white spots on your teeth, without any drilling. Patients often present with long-standing white spots that they’ve had since they can remember, and it’s amazing to be able to offer a non-invasive treatment to improve this should you wish.

“I have suffered with white spots on my front teeth for so many years after I got my braces off as a teenager. They really affected my confidence to smile, but I really didn’t want to do veneers as suggested by other dentists. The ICON treatment has been so incredible and I still can’t believe in just one session my white spots have completely disappeared. Such a fantastic treatment and amazing dentists!” - Hannah

ICON Treatment – Before and After (3 month review)

Why do people have white spots?

White spots can present for any number of reasons, and it’s really important that our team at Leicestershire Dental Studio complete a detailed examination of your teeth and gums. We’ll not only ensure that everything is healthy, but we’ll identify the nature of the white spot, its cause, and its severity.

White spots can be a result of fluorosis, childhood trauma (such as a knock or fall) which affected the composition of enamel during its development phase, or it could be a side effect of previous orthodontic treatment with residual white demineralised enamel around the orthodontic brackets.

How does ICON work?

ICON works by utilising the porous nature of the enamel in your tooth.

We’ll firstly clean the surface of your tooth in a sterile environment, then use a special gel to infiltrate the tooth and get right down to the bottom of the white spot, and then finally use the ICON tooth-coloured resin to infiltrate into the tooth to mask the white spot for a fantastic natural result.

The results are instant, and improve as the teeth settle over the next week.

What is the process of having ICON Treatment?

Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation includes a detailed examination with photos and x-rays. Your cosmetic dentist can assess the nature of your white spot, and confirm your options and suitability for ICON treatment.

Hygienist & Whitening

After your initial consultation and detailed examination, we’ll usually recommend a hygienist visit and a course of professional whitening treatment as a first step. This will ensure that the teeth are completely clear of staining and debris, and also they are the shade that you will want them to be long term. Also, many white spots become brown over time, and in order for the ICON treatment to work we must use a combination of a hygienist visit and whitening to restore these areas to white.

ICON Treatment

After whitening, we can then organise your ICON treatment appointment. At this appointment, we’ll carefully isolate your teeth and gums to protect them, and we’ll use a special ICON solution designed to work it’s way through the pores in your teeth down to the level of the white spot. Once the white spot has been removed, we can then use the tooth coloured ICON resin to infiltrate into the tooth to seal it off, and finally cure this and polish it for the best natural and long term results. In most cases, ICON treatment is completed in a single session, but stubborn spots (especially very deep ones) may need further attention.After the procedure is finished, you will be able to continue with life as normal, and eat and drink as you usually would.

Alternatives to ICON?

Other treatments designed to change the colour of teeth can also help mask white spots, and these include cosmetic composite bonding and ceramic veneers. 

It’s important to understand that these treatments are available and we’ll also talk through these in detail at your consultation appointment in case they are suitable for you. 

In some uncommon cases, where the white spot is particularly deep or challenging, ICON treatment alone may not be enough to fully resolve the white spot, and these alternative options can then be considered.

Is ICON safe?

The ICON treatment at Leicestershire Dental Studio is completely safe and thoroughly effective. As the treatment itself is totally non-invasive and involves no drilling, there is very little risk or side effects associated with ICON.

Once the treatment is complete, you simply have to continue with excellent oral hygiene, regular dental examinations and hygiene appointments to maintain your healthy, beautiful, whites-spot free smile!

Why ICON Treatment at Leicestershire Dental Studio?

Free Comprehensive Consultation

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Our ethos of clinical excellence and precision dentistry

Individualised plan for you and your goals, not “one size fits all”

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