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The Gold Standard in Replacing Missing Teeth

dental implants leicester

Straumann® Dental Leicester dental implants

Restore Function and Aesthetics

Dental implants are the gold standard fixed solution to replace one or more missing teeth and restores more than just your teeth. It can restore your smile, your confidence, and your quality of life.

Made of pure titanium, the dental implant is carefully placed into the jaw to replace the root of a missing tooth. This then integrates biologically with your own bone to provide the strongest possible foundation for your new crown. Implants can be designed to support a single crown, a multi-unit bridge, and even a denture.

At our friendly Leicestershire Dental Studio, our Implant Experts have years of experience in providing and placing dental implants in Leicester making us the leading implant specialist. They are an ideal tooth replacement option for anyone worried about missing teeth or those who have tried and struggled with loose and ill-fitting dentures or bridges.

Dental implants Leicester Benefits

Natural Looking Smile

dental implants in leicester

Types of Dental Implants

Single dental implant

Single dental implant are an excellent option for replacing single missing teeth either at the front to maintain a natural-looking smile or at the back to help with chewing and eating. In most cases, you will have your new tooth ready to use within 8 weeks of starting your implant journey, if you are looking for this service then our dental implants in Leicester studio can help with the perfect missing teeth fix.

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Multiple tooth dental implants

If you’re missing multiple teeth, two implants can be used to support a fixed bridge. This solution is more economical than replacing each missing tooth with an individual implant whilst still maintaining a natural appearance. Dont let replace missing teeth ruin your confidence contact our specialist today

dental implants

Implant supported dentures

Loose and uncomfortable dentures can seriously impact an individual’s self-confidence and so the supported dentures are a cost effective solution to this problem. As little as two implants being placed into the jaw provide support and stability to the denture which can be  truly life changing. The denture can still be removed which allows easy access to the implants for cleaning and maintenance. so call for more information today to find out what you need to do, to become a patient of ours.

dental implants leicester

Implant supported fixed bridges

This is the most natural option we have in replacing a whole set of teeth in each jaw. Here, four or more implants are placed into the jaw in order to support an entire row of teeth. The bridge is fixed inside your mouth and can only be removed by your specialist dentist.

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Looking for dental implants Leicester why us?

Making the right decision for your Dental Implant Treatment

When you choose Leicestershire Dental Studio for your the treatment you are placing your trust in a hugely experienced team, who are dedicated to putting your needs and your health care first. We will always provide you with the most comprehensive and detailed care from beginning to end, and you will always be the most important person to us and bring that smile back from this procedure. 

dental implants leicester

Your dental implants leicester journey at Leicestershire Dental Studio To replace missing teeth

Consultation and Assessment

Your treatment dental implants will begin with a thorough and comprehensive assessment of your whole mouth, alongside a detailed conversation with you about your history, your concerns, and your goals. A series of scans, x-rays and photographs will be taken in order for us to obtain accurate records to start to plan your treatment care plan.


Your case will be carefully assessed and planned with your Implant Surgeon and our multi-discplinary team, and a bespoke comprehensive plan will be made for you. This will include a full choice of options including benefits and risks of all, and will give you predicted time-frames of treatment, alongside an accurate fee.


Once you have considered all of your options, and decided to go ahead with Implant treatment, your Implant Surgeon will arrange the surgery with you and you can proceed with the treatment. Each case is different, and therefore depending on your exact treatment course, the treatment time and number of appointments may vary. For patients who are anxious about treatment, our Surgeon and the whole team are experienced in managing anxious patients, and we also have the facility to provide intra-venous sedation should you wish.


Once out patient Implant treatment is complete, you will be reviewed by your Surgeon on future appointments to ensure everything has gone as predicted, and you will be advised to continue visiting your dentist and hygienist regularly for routine examinations. Your implant is designed to last many many years providing it is cared for properly, so it is extremely important that you also maintain excellent oral hygiene care at home and help make you smile with confidence again.


It is our pleasure to provide a 5 year guarantee* on your dental teeth implant treatment with us at Leicestershire Dental Studio. We are confident in the comprehensive and careful delivery of our implants in Leicester, that with good care and maintenance they will last many years, its just another reason to smile.

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Smiles Transformed with Dental Implants At Leicestershire Dental Studio

It was an amazing experience. The front desk staff was very informative and helpful.The doctor who done the procedure was friendly and cleared all my doubts with information before the procedure. I am recommending their service for anyone having problem with their teeth

Rahul R


This Dental Practice is by far the best one I have been to in years! I’ve always been a little scared of visiting the dentist but these guys always make me feel at ease.
There was two lovely gentlemen (One of them was Ali) on reception today when I attended and they were really nice and helpful.
Would 100% recommend this Dental Practice.

Lucy Calver


Always a positive experience. Staff and the environment excellent.
High quality dentistry. Impressed with the new Professional Team at the practice.

Kate Howells

I love this place, been going for years and they never let me down. Friendly, a laugh and simply bloody nice to deal with. I wouldn’t look elsewhere , I’m obsessed with my looks too and have been literally everywhere, these guys keep me because they are just so good.

Georgina England

Commonly Asked Questions About Being a Dental Implant Patient

The cost of dental implants vary depending on the complexity of the case and the number of teeth being replaced. We have outlined some basic costs for dental implants in our online fee guide however for a more bespoke and accurate quotation, please contact the team and book in for a Implant consultation where this can be discussed in more detail.

Implants are an excellent long term solution for replacing missing teeth. With proper care and maintenance they can last for many years with studies showing 97% of implants were still working fine after 10 years!

Implants are one of the most natural and aesthetic looking tooth replacement options dentists have to offer. The implant dentistry plus the implant surgeon and dental laboratory work together to ensure the implant and crown harmonise perfectly with your gums and remaining teeth. We all work towards one common goal which is to provide patients with high end aesthetic outcomes.

Most of the time, implant treatment is carried out under local anaesthesia and so the treatment is completely free of any pain or discomfort. For those of you who are more anxious, the treatment can also be carried out under sedation. Modern techniques and equipment are benefiting dental implant patient by allowing more comfortable surgery and faster recovery times.

Dental implant treatment times are getting shorter as the technology behind the treatment improves. After placement of the implant you could have a crown fitted and the treatment completed in as little as eight weeks from start to finish! In more complex cases this treatment time may be extended. The implant surgeon would be able to give a more accurate prediction of your treatment time at your free implant consultation.

As well as having healthy mouths, patients seeking dental implant treatment should be of good general health. Your implant dentist will carry out a thorough comprehensive assessment when you first attend the clinic and any dental work required in order to make your mouth and teeth healthy prior to implant treatment will be discussed. Additionally, your dentist may liase with your General Medical Practitioner in order to manage any health conditions you may have in preparation for your dental implant treatment. Due to advancements in technology, dental implants are now an option for most people looking to regain their lost teeth.

A dental implant needs enough bone around it for support. Your implant surgeon may take a CT scan in order to determine whether you have sufficient bone available to allow secure placement of the dental implants. If it turns out that you do not have enough bone available, procedures such as bone augmentation and grafting can reliably be used to build up bone around the implant and provide successful results.