Cosmetic Hygiene and stain removal

Each Tooth Has It’s Own Story

You can now directly access our experienced hygienists who are specialists in cosmetic stain removal. Over the years food and drink, especially the likes of red wine, coffee & tea as well as smoking can add staining and yellowing to the exterior surfaces of your teeth. 

This can often lead to embarrassment and lack of confidence with your smile. Cosmetic stain removal with our specially trained hygienists can quickly reverse the years of build up on your teeth and allow you to start fresh with a blank canvas.

Hygienists are an important part of the team in helping patients maintain healthy gums, with regular visits essential to maintain good gum and oral health. By preventing plaque build up, you can prevent issues such as gum disease and dental decay. 

However, hygienists are also skilled at helping with cosmetic improvement to patients’ smiles with the ability to remove staining. Our hygienists use an advanced protocol, guided by science and accurate disclosure of plaque to ensure that you receive the most comfortable and deepest possible clean of your teeth. They use the latest in equipment, including ultrasonic devices and airflow machines.

Our hygienists use the latest technique of plaque guided deep cleaning to eliminate bacteria from the mouth helping you to maintain your gums and teeth. This technique uses special tablets to highlight specific areas of plaque build up in your mouth which would normally be invisible! 

This method of targeted therapy allows us to penetrate the areas of plaque in your mouth which are doing the most damage to your gums and teeth, not only allowing you to keep your gums healthy but keeping your teeth sparkling and stain free.

The cutting edge plaque guided deep cleaning is combined with our new state-of-the-art AirFlow polishing equipment. The AirFlow polishing equipment is widely regarded as the most advanced, comfortable hygienist cleaning equipment available which allows us to achieve results that normal polishing equipment cannot rival. 

This is why our hygienists at Leicestershire Dental Studio are instrumental in allowing you to achieve the whitest and brightest smile you possibly can.

Whether you want to remove stubborn stains and plaque from your teeth, or you’re overdue a routine clean, you can now book in directly with one of our experienced hygienists.


Why Cosmetic Hygiene at Leicestershire Dental Studio?

Direct Access

Experienced Hygienists

Airflow stain removal

Individualised plan for you and your goals, not “one size fits all”

State of the art Guided Plaque removal therapy

Interest free finance available